MTB Cycletech

Give your bicycle character. Your character.

For nearly 40 years, we at MTB Cycletech have always tried to stay at least a tire width ahead of the competition in the development of the perfect bicycle. This passion has, since the beginning, linked us to our ever increasing number of customers who rightly expect perfection from us – be it with the award-winning design or the outstanding quality of every single individually created bike.

Thanks to the timeless look and precise workmanship, you can still encounter bikes from MTB Cycletech’s early years on the road today.

The perceptible love of detail and innovative spirit of our team time and again result in pioneering achievements in the area of bicycle technology during the course of model develop­ment in Switzerland.

It is, thus, no surprise that even the most demanding cyclists around the world wouldn’t want to go without their personal MTB bicycle. From the morning trip to the office as the city awakens to the most demanding crossing of the Alps, you can always count on your MTB Cycletech bike

Customization the Swiss way

The requirements on a bicycle are as varied as people themselves. To meet as many demands as possible – of course not all of them, a bicycle is, after all, a bicycle – we committed ourselves to customization early on. «Customi…what?» you might be asking yourself.

It’s actually quite simple: You configure your perfect bicycle from the wide range of different components and colors that we offer you. You then receive a totally customized bike that you are very unlikely to ever encounter again in the same form and which may just make you the happiest cyclist on the road.

After all, you have the perfect, reliable companion for your personal travel and transport needs – a bicycle completely developed and designed in Switzerland from MTB Cycletech.

Our «Velosophie»

Since the legendary Butch Gaudy developed the first MTB in a backyard in 1984 on Muristrasse in Bern, technology has advanced a great deal. What remains are the high demands on the durability and reliability of a bicycle from the committed supporters of MTB Cycletech, who often come from the bicycle touring scene.

Especially among die-hard touring cyclists, MTB Cycletech has built a large following over the decades. After all, the employees at MTB Cycletech are themselves avid cyclists and let their own experiences and ideas flow directly into the further technical development.

Thus, our passionate team of developers continues to successfully advance the cult Swiss brand without straying from its roots. And our bicycles don’t either. Impossible.

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